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Background of founders and what’s the journey behind ManyChat 

Mike Yan, CEO of ManyChat, began growing a social community with leisure content material known as “YouComedy,” just like Pinterest however for anecdotes

Later on, he noticed the potential in making a easy platform to assist folks do Telegram broadcasts. That platform was what’s now reworking the face of modern-day enterprise advertising, gross sales, and help: ManyChat.

Rejected by Y combinator just a few occasions in 2015 didn’t deter his pursuit from altering the sport. He realized that the way in which advertising channels evolve relies on how human conduct evolves.

His estimate was confirmed appropriate as extra folks adopted messaging apps through the years, and it will definitely turned the primary solution to join with folks.

Today, ManyChat is the #1 Chat Marketing Platform globally, enabling companies to leverage Instagram DM Automation, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and e-mail to construct private connections with clients.

Currently, the platform powers over 1 billion conversations, sending eight billion messages each month.

How manychat helps totally different sectors 

ManyChat helps many companies automate their advertising efforts by implementing Messenger bots and Instagram Automation into their wheelhouse. Specifically, with Instagram, we’re seeing how companies like eCommerce and influencers are capable of cut back response time to messages of their inbox as a result of they can use our auto responder and ship messages on to a dwell agent, who will get notified straight away on our app. 

Example, Frazer Brookes is promoting a e-book. And he discovered that we had been capable of assist him join together with his followers due to the Story Mention function. This was a giant issue as a result of a lot of the messages or story mentions go to the request inbox and sometimes get missed. So Story Mentions permits these DMs to go to his primary inbox and he is ready to join together with his viewers. 

Because we’re capable of assist him join together with his followers immediately, he grew from 60,000 to 117,000 followers and improved his engagement by 40%, and drove 200 gross sales web page views in a 30 minute time window.

How can e-mail advertising in contrast with Chatbot 

Email advertising is one to many. Chat advertising is 1-1. It’s a customized dialog that enables the consumer to take motion immediately, proper contained in the dialog. We’ve additionally seen a a lot increased CTR with chatbot, averaging about 80% open fee and 25% click-thru fee. The common open fee for emails as we speak is round 15% and the CTR is 2.5%.  

One different factor to notice, with Chat, the dialog is ready to accumulate knowledge that means you’ll be able to ask a sequence of questions tailor-made to that dialog which can assist entrepreneurs higher goal them sooner or later and supply extra aligned gadgets to their choice. 

What social media platforms presently supporting

ManyChat is a Facebook Premiere Business Partner. Currently, we combine with Messenger and Instagram. We are in closed beta for WhatsApp and can’t wait to open it as much as most of the people!

Future plans (if they will share).

We are engaged on some strong options for Instagram. And after all, WhatsApp. We are in closed beta and might’t wait to open it as much as others quickly. 

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