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Knowing the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts entails extra than simply counting your Facebook enterprise web page “likes” and Twitter followers.Superficial “vainness metrics” not often present an correct window into how effectively your technique is working.okayAm(92E C62==J >2EE6CD 😀 [email protected] H6== [email protected] [email protected]?E6?E :Dik^AmkF=mk=:mpEEC24E:?8 2?5 <66A:?8 E96 :?E6C6DE @7 C6256CD[ G:6H6CD[ @C =:DE6?6CD]okay^=:mk=:mv6EE:?8 D92C65]okay^=:mk=:mv6?6C2E:?8 =625D]okay^=:mk=:m|2<:?8 D2=6D]k^=:mk^F=mkAmp?5 E92E C6BF:C6D A2J:?8 2EE6?E:@? [email protected] >6EC:4D E92E D965 =:89E @? H96E96C [email protected] [email protected]:2= >65:2 >2C<6E:?8 E24E:4D 2C6 96=A:?8 [email protected] C6249 [email protected] 3FD:?6DD [email protected]=D]k^Amk9cmu:CDE E9:?8D 7:CDE – 6DE23=:D9 [email protected]=Dk^9cmkAm|6EC:4D 2C6 @?=J >62?:?87F= H96? E96J C6=2E6 [email protected] 4=62C [email protected]=D] [email protected] 6=D6 42? [email protected] D2J [email protected] [email protected] 2C6 DF44665:?8 @C 72:=:?8nk^AmokayAmx? 9:D [email protected]@<[ “d__ [email protected]:2= |65:2 |2C<6E:?8 %:AD[” [email protected]:2= >65:2 [email protected]?DF=E2?E p?5C6H |242CE9J [email protected]>>6?5D D6EE:?8 $|p#% [email protected]=D]okay^Amk9cm$A64:7:4k^[email protected] [email protected] H2?E [email protected]^AmkF=mk=:mx?4C62D6 3C2?5 2H2C6?6DDn qJ [email protected] >F49nk^=:mk=:mv2:? >@C6 DF3D4C:36CD [email protected] [email protected] 6?6HD=6EE6Cn [email protected] >2?J >@C6nk^=:mk=:mx?4C62D6 D2=6D C6G6?F6 [email protected]> [email protected] H63D:E6’D @?=:?6 [email protected] qJ H92E A6C46?E286nk^=:mk^F=mk9cm|62DFC23=6k^9cmkAm(9:49 2?2=JE:4D [email protected]@=D [email protected] [email protected] :?E6?5 [email protected] FD6 [email protected] >62DFC6 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] >2C<6E:?8 24E:G:E:6D 2C6 86EE:?8 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]=Dn pC6 E96J 42A23=6 @7 8:G:?8 [email protected] >62?:?87F= 52E2nk^Amk9cmp49:6G23=6k^9cmkAmq6 C62=:DE:4 H96? D6EE:?8 [email protected] [email protected]=D] p =:EE=6 DEC6E49 42? >@E:G2E6 [email protected] 2?5 [email protected] E62>[ 3FE :7 [email protected] D6E E96 32C [email protected]@ 9:89[ [email protected] [email protected]=5 6?5 FA 766=:?8 56762E65 2?5 F?:?DA:C65]okay^Amk9cm#6=6G2?Ek^9cmkAm*@FC [email protected]:2= >65:2 >2C<6E:?8 [email protected]=D H:== D6CG6 [email protected] 3FD:?6DD 36DE H96? E96J 2=:8? H:E9 [email protected] [email protected]>A2?J’D @G6C2== [email protected]=D 2?5 G:D:@?]okay^Amk9cm%:>6DA64:7:4k^9cmkAmx? H92E 2>@F?E @7 E:>6 [email protected] [email protected] 2:> [email protected] 249:6G6 [email protected] [email protected]=Dn [email protected] 6I2>A=6[ :?4C62D6 [email protected]@< A286 C6249 3J `_ A6C46?E :? E9C66 >@?E9Dj 86E a_ ?6H 6>2:= DF3D4C:36CD 6249 >@?E9 F?E:= E96 6?5 @7 E96 J62Cj @C :?4C62D6 @?=:?6 D2=6D 3J `a A6C46?E 😕 D:I >@?E9D]okay^Amk9cmtI2>A=6D @7 >2C<6E:?8 >6EC:4D E92E >:89E >2EE6C [email protected] [email protected]^9cmkAmpD [email protected] E2A :[email protected] E96 G2C:@FD [email protected]@=D E92E 42? 8:G6 [email protected] :?D:89ED :[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]>2?46 @? [email protected]:2= >65:2 [email protected]>D[ [email protected]>6 @7 E96 >2?J >6EC:4D E92E >:89E 96=A [email protected] 2DD6DD E96 DF446DD @7 [email protected] [email protected] :?4=F56ik^AmkF=mk=:m|6?E:@?D 2?5 E28D @7 [email protected] 3C2?5 @?=:?6 [email protected] [email protected] 5:[email protected] E9:D H:== G2CJ [email protected]> @?6 [email protected]> [email protected] E96 ?6IE]Xk^=:mk=:mr=:46?E H:E9 [email protected] [email protected]?E6?E [email protected]>>6?ED[ D92C6D[ 6E4]Xk^=:mk=:[email protected]?G6CD:@?D @? A2:5 25Dk^=:mk=:mr=:4@C6[” “3FJ [email protected][” 6E4]Xk^=:mk^[email protected]:2= |65:2 p?2=JE:4D %@@=Dk^9cmkAmq6D:56D [email protected]@8=6 p?2=JE:4D 2?5 E96 :?D:89ED [email protected]@=D H:E9:? E96 :?5:G:5F2= [email protected]:2= >65:2 [email protected]>D[ E96C6 2C6 [email protected] E92E [email protected]:56 >6EC:4D [email protected] >F=E:A=6 [email protected]>D 😕 @?6 A=246] p 76H [email protected] >:89E H2?E [email protected] [email protected] 2C6ik^AmkF=mk=:[email protected]@EDF:E6k^=:mk=:mqF776Ck^=:mk=:mqFKKDF>@okay^=:mk=:[email protected]^=:mk^F=mk9cm(96C6 [email protected] EFC? [email protected] >@C6 >2C<6E:?8 6IA6CE:D6k^[email protected] 8F:52?46 2D [email protected] 4C27E 2?5 6I64FE6 [email protected] [email protected]:2= >65:2 >2C<6E:?8[ [email protected]?E24E $r~#t [email protected] E2=< H:E9 2 >[email protected]] %96:C 6IA6C:6?46 😕 2== 2C62D @7 DE2CE:?8 2?5 CF??:?8 2 3FD:?6DD 42? 36?67:E [email protected] 6G6CJ DE6A @7 E96 H2J @? [email protected] 6?EC6AC6?6FC:2= ;@FC?6J]okay^Am

For extra details about beginning or working a small enterprise, name 800-634-0245 for the SCORE chapter nearest you. Visit Kalamazoo/SW Michigan SCORE at

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