Finding the sweet spot between brand storytelling, culture and industry

Do you keep in mind the story about Goldielocks and the three bears? If you don’t, right here’s the highlights! And in case you do right here’s somewhat refresher:Goldilocks stumbles right into a home and is misplaced, hungry and drained. She sees nobody is house, so she sits down on a chair, eats the porridge on the desk and decides to take a nap. (Yes, we agree: That wasn’t very well mannered of her). Throughout this story, she finds what’s “excellent” for her — being Baby Bear’s breakfast, chair or mattress.When it involves creating content material that grabs your viewers’s consideration, your brand additionally wants to provide them options which can be excellent. And that’s the place brand storytelling, pop culture and an industry panorama are available; collectively, they create the good recipe for content material technique success. Put on these chef hats and let’s get cooking!
The components: Brand storytelling, culture and industry
Brand storytellingWhen you begin with telling your brand’s story, you might want to talk:

who the brand is
what it does
who its attempting to succeed in, and
how these people are being reached.

This additionally means you might be sharing what worth your brand can supply your readers. It contributes to discovering the sweet spot as a result of it focuses on how the data is delivered to your audience. Pop cultureThis pertains to matters, developments or media that’s recognised by giant numbers of society at a specific time. Think when it comes to what’s widespread. But keep in mind to maintain your viewers’s pursuits in thoughts — people who grew up in the Nineties may not care how Olivia Rodrigo acquired her driver’s license. Pop culture’s position as a key ingredient in your brand’s technique is to create that ‘excellent’ feeling in the content material. This is feasible due to the method it makes use of viral developments to create brand consciousness. Can anybody say newsjacking?IndustryThe content material that your brand produces needs to be related to the industry during which you use. An attire brand won’t write about how skincare works — that’s apparent. But when pop culture joins the celebration, it may be straightforward to get caught in irrelevant developments or threads and drift away from conversations that may profit your advertising.Its position on this technique is to make sure relevance.
Mix collectively brand, pop culture and your industry
So you may have your components stacked in your metaphorical counter, however now you might want to mix them. But cooking can nonetheless go incorrect if the components should not mixed in the proper method.You can use the following steps to keep away from potential content material flops:Step 1: Identify matters that curiosity your viewers. The matters ought to relate to widespread concepts and can come from films, music, artwork, politics and even social media challenges.Step 2: Think about how the subject can relate to your discipline, and extra particularly, your brand’s position in that industry. The goal right here is to see how one can train your viewers one thing — be it by way of imparting information or promoting services or products. Step 3: Now that you just’ve brainstormed content material concepts and have a related connection to your brand, it’s time to mix them with some good previous storytelling. You can attract emotional triggers and creativity to attain your brand’s purpose — whether or not it’s creating consciousness, informing individuals or persuading them.As an instance, your brand can draw from a preferred film franchise, resembling Star Wars (like we’ve got), that your viewers enjoys. Mixing in your industry information and sprinkling in your creativity to inform the story creates a content material piece that’s in the sweet spot.
Fresh out the content material technique oven and tasting sweet
The essential motive why any brand ought to discover this Goldilocks zone of their content material technique is as a result of it combines issues that curiosity your viewers. You seize their consideration and interact them, and your viewers is ready to discover you a lot simpler. This is as a result of your content material is fine-tuned with the very key phrases that they’re looking for.This method to your content material technique ensures your brand has shareable content material. If content material advertising is a part of your objectives, then it lets you have a soft-sell on the services or products that you’re producing curiosity and consciousness for. Do you employ pop culture as part of your content material technique? Let us know in the feedback under.Want to remain updated with the newest information? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.
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