Cute birds minting cash for farmers: Ornamentals

Cute birds minting cash for farmers: Ornamentals

Budgis birds within the image at Murungi Muthamia hen farm of Ornamental birds in Karen ,Nairobi.  [David Gichuru, Standard]

Their stunning colors and options flip heads on main highways and the hawkers use that trait to draw motorists and passersby. It is a booming enterprise. Indeed, decorative hen farming has develop into one of many main financial actions in Kenya within the latest previous. There are greater than 100 traits and species of birds which are being reared as pets or simply for their magnificence, grace, and melodic voices. Poultry are birds which have been domesticated over time for their eggs, meat, or feathers and the most typical on this group are the chickens, geese, turkey which we’re all accustomed to.
But what are decorative birds? These are basically birds which are stored in cages, in aviary techniques,s or reared on the ground primarily for present, ornament, or as pets. They usually are not stored for consumption. They are docile, choose lazing across the compound, and are pleasant and vice-free. Some have very engaging and iridescent plumage and feather formations whereas others talk in stunning melodious tones or pitches just like the peacocks. Most are nonetheless thought-about recreation birds and one wants a allow from Kenya wildlife companies for every species of the hen to be stored. 
Following inquiries and curiosity from our readers, immediately, we have a look at the forms of birds which are stored in Kenya as decorative and the way they’re managed.


These are small variations of chickens; are cute with white feathers overlaying the entire physique and face. They make good pets and are in excessive demand and principally reared in cages as they’re calm, placid, and pleasant. They lay eggs identical to chickens however not as prolific as business layers. One grownup hen may be offered at Sh15,000. The widespread breeds embody Sizzle, Silkie and Booted Bantam. You can not miss having a bantam in your farm. The booted bantam has glorious feather patterns and appears unique, may be stored on a business layer eating regimen of mash or pellets and is reared totally on deep litter or cages. Bantams are domestically obtainable in Nairobi and the highlands of Mount Kenya and Nyeri county.

Geese, geese, pochards, Teals

Most Kenyans don’t devour geese due to their darkish and difficult meat. The duck breed like Pekin, Mullard, Blue and Black Swedish, Rouen and Khaki Campbell, are largely stored within the compound as pet birds. They belong to the Anatidae household. Rouen and Khaki are stunning and are extremely regarded for, principally imported. Their fertilised eggs hatch in 28 days into pretty ducklings which are left to roam within the compound. A mature grownup goes for Sh1,500-Sh2,000. Egyptian Geese additionally belong to the duck household, are nevertheless bigger in dimension and mature in two years. They fully feed on grass. They are majestic in nature and all the time stored in pairs, and as a flock can simply scare away any intruders in a house. The demand for these birds is excessive just because they’re uncommon as a result of poor breeding capacity. An grownup feminine goose can produce 30-40 eggs in a yr and one can promote an grownup goose weighing 4kg at Sh4,000 to Sh5,000. Did you recognize that geese can dwell for 15-20 years underneath good diet and in a snug atmosphere? The longest world document was for a drake (male duck) that lived to the ripe age of 27 years. A duck’s toes are webbed and have little to no blood vessels or sensory nerves. They use such a toes for paddling and swimming easily and don’t really feel chilly when on ice and this helps in conserving warmth. Ducks may also sleep with one eye closed whereas the opposite is opened to vigilantly watch for any predator. Ducks are generally obtainable in our area.

Francolins, Partridges, quails, Guinea fowls, Spur fowls and Pheasants.

These belong to the identical household of Phasianidae and Turnicidae and the Guinea fowl is the most well-liked. There are a number of breeds of Guinea fowls, white chest, Lavendar (blue), Pure White (in excessive demand), Royal purple and dotted black (in excessive demand). These birds are hardy, vigorous, and illness resistant. They are stored on free vary and solely want additional supplementation on business rooster feeds within the night. In the compound, they’ll eliminate rats and mice and crawling bugs. Like chickens, they must be vaccinated repeatedly towards Newcastle illness and fowl pox. Unlike rooster, they’re noisy neighbours. Guinea fowls love to look at their very own reflections and may spend hours on a glass door admiring themselves identical to people do. These birds hate guests of any variety and like to remain collectively as a household and can make lots of noise in presence of any intruder. Some folks maintain two to 4 within the compound to keep watch over snakes and different predators and alert the proprietor. Did you recognize that guinea hens have poor mothering capacity? Once they hatch their eggs into keets (child chicks), they dump the chicks. The different attention-grabbing factor about these birds is that they’re strictly monogamous and keep as a pair for life. 

A male peacock and a Peahen.  [David Gichuru, Standard]

Pigeons and Doves

These are the oldest birds to be adopted from the wild as decorative and belong to the Columbidae household and are fairly widespread in most birds sanctuaries on the planet. The hottest pigeons embody Silky fantails, Speckled pigeons, and African Olive pigeon whereas the doves cherished by hen watchers embody Laughing, Red-eyed, Rock and Lemon Dove. These birds are stored in aviaries and may be ate up grass, vegetation, grains, and complement business poultry feeds. They primarily lay two white eggs which they incubate in turns to hatch stunning juvenile chicks. You can promote an grownup pair of birds at Sh2,000.


The males are referred to as Peacocks whereas the females are Peahens. These birds are massive, vibrant and are recognized for their iridescent tails. From the tip of the invoice to the tail measures 110-115cm.  The tail feathers can unfold out to cowl 60 per cent of the physique’s size exposing vibrant ‘eye’ markings of blue, gold and pink trains. These birds are extremely sorted available in the market particularly the blue Peafowls. They are floor feeders that choose bugs, vegetation, and crawling creatures. They are costly and a mature breeding pair can value you Sh300,000. Most of them are imported into the nation.


Just like different business poultry, these pet birds additionally want good housing constructions to maintain them secure from unfavourable climate situations, predators, and exterior and inside parasites. They are stored in open-sided poultry constructions or in aviary cages. They ought to be supplied with strong supplemental feed and recent clear transportable water all their life by an computerized or nipple consuming system. The constructions ought to be wild-bird free, and doorways all the time stored locked. It is vital to maintain the extent of hygiene excessive and restrict pointless flock visits.

Disease administration

These birds are additionally susceptible to most poultry ailments. They get corona-like kidney infections, avian tuberculosis, mycoplasmas, respiratory ailments, aspergillosis, cachexia, weight problems, trauma, wounds, and intestinal and exterior parasites. The first vital factor is to supply your chicks or birds from confirmed disease-free dad and mom, this top-down management ensures that your flocks have a clear begin and that vertically transmitted ailments are eradicated. Ensure that the best degree of hygiene is maintained on the farm and farm biosecurity is adopted to minimise the introduction of disease-causing pathogens. Lastly, have a complete vaccination programme adopted by an area veterinarian who’s accustomed to the native ailments’ challenges.

Sales and advertising and marketing 

How do you get your merchandise recognised by onlookers and purchased by potential consumers on this crowded area? I discover digital advertising and marketing a extra inexpensive instrument obtainable to succeed in a large viewers and permit one to immediately interact with them. The value is manageable, all you want is a telephone and bundles. You can entry the net with the precise content material, looking for shoppers who’re wanting for what you might be providing. Currently on supply are pay-per-click, emails, video advertising and marketing, and use of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook You may also make use of blogs, podcasts, and webinars. I extremely discourage farmers from shopping for these birds from the roadside the place I see geese, geese and even turkeys being herded collectively and offered to vacationers throughout a freeway bump.
[The writer is Head Vet at Kenchic]

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