Student Research Days winners announced | Nebraska Today

Student Research Days winners announced | Nebraska Today
Student Research Days winners announced | Nebraska Today

On April 12-16, the Office of Graduate Studies, Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Office of Research and Economic Development held digital Student Research Days. Over 200 graduate and undergraduate college students participated within the week-long celebration of scholar analysis and inventive work.

Faculty, postdoc and graduate scholar judges met with college students throughout Zoom Q-and-As and evaluated their shows. Graduate college students had been awarded with $400 journey grants to assist with convention journey prices. Undergraduates had been awarded prizes valued at $250 sponsored by their educational faculties. Links to their video shows are offered under.

Graduate Awards

The College of Engineering offered further funds for winners from their subject. The following three college students additionally acquired prime honors and financial awards from their faculty:

Undergraduate Awards

College of Architecture

• Ciara Allen (Architectural Studies) with advisor Bud Shenefelt: “Experiential Learning Through Architectural Representation.” View presentation right here

College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources

• Courtney Wallner (Insect Science) with advisors Doug Golick and Roberto Cortinas: “Interest, Apprehension, and Perspectives on Incorporating Honeybees (Apis mellifera) into Veterinary Practices,”view presentation right here
• Bud Jenkins (Biochemistry) with advisor Alena Moon: “Modeling Students’ Understanding of Light Matter Interactions utilizing an Ordered Multiple-Choice Assessment,” view presentation right here
• Kaitlyn Dozler (Fisheries and Wildlife) with advisor Andrew Little: “Evaluating the spacial ecology of white-tailed deer through the rifle looking season in south central Nebraska,” view presentation right here
• Kristina Amato (Fisheries and Wildlife) with advisor Clay Cressler: “Trait-mediated results of non-consumptive predation on Daphnia dentifera,” view presentation right here
• Delaney Villareal (Microbiology) with advisor Luwen Zhang: “Protein associated to Alzheimer’s performs a task in Zika virus an infection,” view presentation right here
• Mark Iradukunda (Integrated Science) with advisor Paul Read: “Influence of Fertilizer on Swollen Stem Formation (“Bulbing”) and Vitamin C Content in Different Kohlrabi Cultivars,” view presentation right here

College of Arts and Sciences

• Kim Hao Nguyen (Computer Science) with advisor ThanhVu Nguyen: “GenTree: Using Decision Trees to Learn Interactions for Configurable Software,” view presentation right here
• Kaitlan Wong (Political Science, Sociology) with advisor Christina Falci: Mediating Asian-ness: How and why does Asian Identity Salience range by Biracial Status?” view presentation right here
• Zach Headley, (Biochemistry) with advisor Cary Savage: “Sports-related concussion differentially impacts practical mind networks in faculty athletes,” view presentation right here
• Lee Paulson (Political Science and Communication Studies) with advisor Rupal Mehta: “Free to Hate: Hate Crimes’ Intertwinement with the Evolution of Free Speech within the United States,” view presentation right here
• Elinor Stanley (Biochemistry) with advisor Oleh Khalimonchuk: “Role of the iron-sulfur cluster in human ferrochelatase in sensing modifications in mitochondrial physiology,” view presentation right here
• Amr Mohamed (Biochemistry) with advisor Catherine Eichhorn: “RBM7 Protein Purification and Structure Determination to Examine RBM7 Interaction With 7SK snRNA Upon Genotoxic Stress,” view presentation right here

College of Business

• Elizabeth Anderson (Marketing and Finance) with advisor Mitch Herian, “The Impact of Education Funding on Voter Turnout,” view presentation right here
• Justin Ho (Finance) with advisor Christopher Mann: “Human Capital Growth and Labor Market Flexibility,” view presentation right here

College of Education and Human Sciences

• Madison Bosilevac (Communication Sciences and Disorders) with advisor Michael Hebert: “Writing for Students with Visual Impairments: A TVI National Survey,” view presentation right here
• Chloe Strong (Communication Sciences and Disorders) with advisor Naomi Rodgers: “How Local School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists Facilitate Skill Transfer and Generalization for Students Who Stutter,” view presentation right here
• Anna Suppes and Isabeau Tholen (Communication Sciences and Disorders; Child Youth and Family Studies) with advisor Derek Rodgers: “A Survey of Special Educators Regarding their Instructional Literacy Practices for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities” view presentation right here

College of Engineering

• Andrea Goertzen (Chemical Engineering) with advisor Rajib Saha, “Metabolic modeling elucidates the distinctive panorama of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) cells,” view presentation right here
• Becca Francis (Biological Systems Engineering) with advisor Nicole Iverson, “Development of Nitric Oxide Testing Methodology to Investigate the Impact of Reactive Species on Breast Cancer Cells,” view presentation right here
• Aaron Haake (Mechanical Engineering) with advisor Eric Markvicka, “Tunable 3D Printing of Liquid-Metal Embedded Elastomer Composite,” (analysis at present unavailable to the general public)
• Stephanie Perez (Civil Engineering) with advisor Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, “Microplastic Soil/Sediment Extraction Efficiency for Different MP Polymers and Different Soil Types,” view presentation right here

Hixson Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

• Sofia Fernandez (Painting) with advisor Aaron Holz: “Study of Native Colombian Tribes: Art as a Means of Inspiration,” view presentation right here
• Alyssa Kobza (Printmaking) with advisor Byron Anway: “Collaborative Printmaking,” view presentation right here

College of Journalism and Mass Communication

• Janica Choong (Advertising and Public Relations) with advisor Bryan Wang: “Disruptive and Destructive? A Typology of Social Bots in Public Relations,” view presentation right here
• Bre TenHulzen (Advertising and Public Relations) with advisor Adam Wagler: “Advertising through the COVID-19 Global Pandemic: The Rise of Influencer Marketing in a Recession,” view presentation right here

University Honors sponsored an extra competitors and the next college students gained an award:

• Jillian Fougeron, Best Use of Interdisciplinary or Multi-disciplinary Approaches award, for “Habeas Corpus and Child Custody within the Late Nineteenth-Century within the US” with Katrina Jagodinsky. View presentation right here
• Aaron Haake, Best Communication Skills in Sharing Research, for “Tunable 3D Printing of Liquid-Metal-Imbedded Elastomer Composite” with Eric Markvicka (Research not but accessible to public)
• Rachelle Johnson, Most Significant Long-term Contributions to the Discipline, for “Examining the Protective Role of Motivation for Children with Learning Difficulties’ Academic Achievement” with Jenna Finch. View presentation right here
• Andromede Uwase, Most Significant and Immediate Real-World Impact, for “Water Quality Issues in Rwanda” with Daniel Snow. View presentation right here
• Kaitlan Wong, Most Original Research Question or Methods, for “Mediating Asian-ness: How and Why Does Asian Identity Salience Vary by Biracial Status?” with Christina Falci. View presentation right here

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